The Beach Club

Location : Beach Club, next to Grand Tala Bay Resort

Open Daily : from 8:00 until 20:00

Beach Club serves international cuisine and refreshment drinks.

Currently serving Breakfast!

Located in the Marina Town within walking distance of the marina, the Beach Club gives immediate access to the fully serviced beach, featuring swimming pools, indoor and outdoor restaurants, and a Beach Bar. The Beach Club caters to private events and parties throughout the year. It has a weekly Entertainment show at the Beach. Enjoy your meal, snacks and drinks at pool or beach bar while tanning and relaxing by the beach.

You can reach The Beach Club fom Dowtown using our Shuttle service detailed below:

Downtown to Hotels (Pickup at Aqb Roundabout)

Departure : 15:00 / 18:10 / 19:20 Trip is 20-27 minutes first stop at Grand TalaBay Resort and final stop at Marina Plaza Hotel

Downtown to Tala Bay (Pickup at Aqb roundabout) :

Departure : 09:05 / 11:45 Trip is 20-27 minutes, one stop at TalaBay

Hotels to Downtown

Departure from GTR passing by Marina Plaza Hotel 11:02 / 14:11 / 16:02 / 20:02,  Trip is 20-27 minutes first pickup at Grand Tala Bay Resort and second stop at Marina Plaza Hotel then to Aqaba

Tala Bay to Downtown

Departure from Tala Bay Main Gate (TBR) 13:20 / 17:20 direct to Aqaba roundabout Aqb

All Trips are Free for in-house guests and 1 JD for none in-house guests Payable at Bus.

 Trips will take 20-27 minutes only. 

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