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Grand Tala Bay Resort

Situated directly on the Red Sea, the resort offers guests a private beach with all the recreation the sea has to offer. Guests at this resort can enjoy views of the Red Sea from our 336 rooms, suites and apartments. Guests can enjoy diving, snorkeling, parasailing among other activities. The resort’s event space makes an ideal venue for conferences and weddings.

Tala Bay Residence

Tala Bay guarantees you a memorable holiday on every visit, imagine yourself, for a moment, at Tala Bay on the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, lounging on the clean golden sand beaches, lapped by warm gentle waters of the Red Sea, and caressed by the rays of Ra’, the Pharaonic God of the Sun. Tala Bay is the Red Sea’s premier holiday haven for the selective family. An integrated gated community, Tala Bay covers 2.7 million square meters and offers every refinement of the sophisticated good life. And thanks to Tala Bay’s neighbourly atmosphere, your children can have all the fun they want in complete safety, while you enjoy your holiday in peace of mind.


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