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Tala Bay is the Red Sea’s premier holiday haven for the selective family. An integrated  gated community, Tala Bay covers 2.7 million square meters and offers every refinement of the sophisticated good life.

Tala Bay consists of :

500 Holiday Homes
2 Five Stars Hotels
2 Four Starts Hotel
100 Commercial Outlet
International Marina
Future Plans for 6 Fives stars Hotels and a Marina Expansion

Information about Aqaba City :

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) was launched in 2001 as a duty-free, low tax multi-sector development zone, encompasses the total Jordanian coastline (27 km), the sea-ports of Jordan, an international airport and the historical city of Aqaba with a current population of over 100,000 people. It encompasses an area of 375 Km2 and offers global investment opportunities in a world-class business environment ranging from tourism to recreational services, from professional services to multi-modal logistics, from value-added industries to light manufacturing. ASEZ is regulated by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), which has been mandated with all authorities to manage, regulate and be the municipality for the ASEZ. ASEZA has a truly e-enabled one stop shop and is the single point of contact for all the needs of investors to establish/register their companies, set-up/construct their project and operate them.

Competitive Advantages of ASEZ
The ASEZ offers investors a wide range of competitive advantages in order to maximize private sector participation and build Aqaba into a world class business and leisure destination. The success of ASEZ to date is attributable to a host of competitive advantages, including:

Attractive investment opportunities in tourism, real estate, services and industries.
Projects packaged for fast-track startup and accelerated approval processes.
Low cost of doing business and Investor friendly regulations and business environment.
Projects packaged for fast-track startup and accelerated approval processes.
Access to a pool of highly-skilled Jordanian labour.
Strategic location at the convergence of the Levant bordering Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel.
A multi-model transport and distribution hub for the Middle East and North Africa, with free zone storage supported by a full-service seaports that handle all kind of cargos, an open-skies international airport, world class air cargo facilities and excellent road network.
Preferential access to global markets arising from Jordan’s World Trade Organization membership and free trade agreements with the United States, the European Union and several Arab countries.
Full-service utility networks including power, telecommunications and global international communications connectivity through FLAG.
Serviced land/facilities for light/medium manufacturing, warehousing, residential and commercial uses.
Investment Incentives
The Aqaba Special Economic Zone enjoys special fiscal regulations offering a favorable investment environment for investors from all over the world which include the following:

5% income tax on income generated from activities inside the ASEZ or outside Jordan except for banking, insurance and land transport services
Duty-free import of goods in commercial quantities from the National Customs Territory and overseas (except automobiles and petroleum)
Exemption from Social Service Tax
Exemption from Sales Tax on vast majority of goods and services
Exemption from annual land and building taxes on utilized property
Exemption from taxes on distribution of dividends and profits on activities in the ASEZ and outside Jordan.
No foreign equity restrictions on investment in tourism, industry, retail, and other commercial services (100% foreign ownership allowed)
No tariffs or import taxes on imported goods for individual consumption and registered enterprises
No foreign currency restrictions and full repatriation of profits and capital
Streamlined labour and immigration procedures (a project may employ up to 70% in foreign labour as an automatic right)

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Tala Bay Real Estate Properties

Tala Bay Real Estate : An Unparalleled Investment Opportunity!

With Tala Bay Residences, a home away from home is an understatement. With the vast array of property selections, the Tala Bay community continues to be the ultimate spot for serviced seaside properties in Jordan, bringing its clients the ideal selections of properties with the most attractive returns going up to 6% annual return for 8 years.

Not only do Tala Bay home owners benefit from an ideal investment, their ownership is secured with an official deed that is issued for Jordanians and international residents alike.

In 2015, we launched our newest project THE BEACH CLUB CABANAS, a limited number of 90 M² modernly designed  stand-alone beach properties, with direct proximity to the beach, offered to the market fully finished and furnished and a contracted 5% ROI running on for 5 years. The BEach Cluba Cabanas are planned to be delivered by the end of 2016.

Due to popular demand on the Cabanas, we will be launching a new similar project right on the beach. So look out for the launch of Tala Bay’s new and exclusive beach front properties soon, with prices, payment terms and returns that are unparalleled in our market!

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Upcoming Projects

It’s Still not over with the CABANAS!

Launched and completely sold out in 2015, the Beach Club CABANAS are on a roll! the construction progress on the Cabanas is progressing smoothly.

The project will be delivered fully finished and furnished by December 2016.

NEW LAUNCH: Due to popular demand on the Cabanas, Tala Bay will launch exclusive Beach Front properties soon!

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