Tala Bay: Jordan’s Best Kept Secret

Jordan’s Best Kept Secret

Extending over a land area of 2.6 million square meters and over 2 kilometers of beach front overlooking the breathtaking views of the Gulf of Aqaba, Tala Bay is a project that continues to define the benchmarks of destination management in Jordan. It was conceived as the first fully integrated lifestyle destination in the Kingdom, enjoying a strategic location that is only 14 kilometers south of the city.
Tala Bay is a seaside lifestyle destination in every sense of the word. With a state-of-the-art marina, a booming commercial area, luxury and boutique hotels, water sports and activities, and a well-rounded selection of real estate properties, it is positioned to serve as the ultimate destination for those seeking to experience the Red Sea at its fullest potential. To date, approximately 10% of the land bank has been developed and successfully operated, while plans for further expansion have already been formulated in line with JPTD’s new vision adopted in 2014.

The Destination

Tala Bay is planned to be fully self-sufficient from an infrastructure point of view, providing a diverse range of integrated services that span roads, electrical grids, water supply and modern communication technologies. The project’s components also feature stunning aesthetics that combine timeless elements of local and regional architecture with creative modern touches, thus transporting residents and visitors into an oasis of tranquility where every need is anticipated and fulfilled.
The master plan for Tala Bay, developed by the Minnesota-based construction firm, Ellerbe Becket, was conceived to provide a wide variety of attractions catering to different consumer segments, including four and five star hotels, residential units that span villas, semi-villas and apartments, as well as different sports and leisure.
The beating hearts of the Tala Bay project are the Marina, Marina Plaza and Beach Club, all of which commenced operations in 2005. The total area of the marina is around 30,000 square meters, with a berth that services approximately 56 yachts and boats and 3 boats of up to 40 meters. The Marina also has an independent harbor master building and a fueling station to provide services to vessels, in addition to being an official port of entry for Jordan through the Red Sea.
Tala Bay is also home to an impressive array of world-class dining outlets. With specialty restaurants that serve a wide variety of international cuisines, thematic cafes and poolside bars, residents and guests will always have something new to experience. Moreover, the Marina Town at Tala Bay was conceived to serve as a well-rounded commercial center, featuring more than 110 retail outlets that offer dining, shopping and other essential services.

Developing Destinations for all Seasons

Faced with the reality of Jordan’s urgent need to support its tourism sector and envisioning the great potential of the Gulf of Aqaba,  Jordan Projects for Tourism Development rose to the challenge of transforming the image of Aqaba from merely a free economic zone to the ultimate seaside destination.

With a vision of creating the ideal combination of contemporary luxury and natural indulgence, JPTD introduced Tala Bay, Jordan’s  first fully integrated town on the Red Sea completed with world class hotels, a state of the art Marina, luxury real estate properties and supporting infrastructure.

JPTD, together with its flagship project, Tala Bay, is a shining example of man rising above the challenges of nature. While Jordan has always been recognized as a viable tourism and investment hub replete with infinite potential, its development was constantly hindered by space limitations, the absence of water resources and the lack of an adequate infrastructure. JPTD’s mission since its inception has been to overcome these challenges and establish large-scale projects capable of propelling the nation into a new era. Its flagship project, Tala Bay, is a perfect representation of this endeavor.

By devising an attainable long-term development plan that has consistently adapted to varying socioeconomic changes, JPTD has made considerable progress toward its objective. As Tala Bay continues to evolve in line with its master plan, its various clusters are brilliantly demonstrating the potential inherent in the vibrant city of Aqaba and the far-reaching positive effects it will have on the city’s evolution.

Jordan Projects for Tourism Development  became a publicly listed company on the Amman Stock Exchange in 2003, and throughout the years has remained true to its vision and obligations as one of the leading developers in Jordan.

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TalaBay Marina is an international official port that can host up to 200 yachts/boats, complete with a harbor master building, fueling, maintenance, water and electricity supply, wireless internet, grey water pump-out and many other vessel services, as well as international entry and departure formalities.

Tala Bay Marina and Berthing Information

  • Tala Bay Marina lies within the 27km coastline of Jordan, 14km south of the city of Aqaba, within the 7km of Aqaba Marine Park.
  • Tala Bay is an official port of entry for Jordan.
  • Total Area = 30,000 m².
  • Marina berths ≈ up to 80 – 85 boats/ yachts and 1 up to 50m.
  • Draft = 3.5 m.
  • VHF 77 Marine Band.
  • Entrance Waypoint – N 29°24’32.82″, E 34°58’8.22″Admiralty Chart 801 of 2006.